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Jennifer Aniston Sedu Hair Styles - By Rebecca L. Flint
Sedu hairstyles have been sweeping the nation for the last several years, and for good reason, they are hot. I think sedu hairstyles more

Prom Hairstyles - What's hot now. - By Annemarie Selios
It's never too soon to start narrowing down your prom hairstyles options. Along with the dress and makeup, choosing from the right prom hair styles more

Solia Hair Styling - A Guide to Solia Flat Irons - By Rebecca L. Flint
Everywhere you go, people are talking about the Solia Flat Irons. You've seen the Solia hair styling trend trickle down from celebrities and socialites more

Looking Thinner with Slimming Fashion - By Nancy Stein
Everyone knows that diet and exercise can really help you look thinner and feel better. But did you know that you can also “lose” pounds in seconds by wearing slimming clothing? Yes, making the right fashion selections can make you look taller, thinner and sexier. Here are some great tips on how to dress more

Finding Vera Wang - by Alex George
Vera Wang is one of the most recognizable names in American fashion design today, especially by those in the know. But of course, this hasn’t always been so. Vera Wang has taken her own good time in getting to the top of a $300 million fashion and design company, and not necessarily by her own choosing. The story of Vera Wang is one of privilege, burning desire, hard work, and more

Fahion and Style: A Look at Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter by Monica Camel
These high and mighty terms of the fashion industry spin like strands of silk in heated air above our heads. We look longingly, but at what? I fear that for the average man and woman these two fashion and style icons that emerged from France in the past century mean little, while the true significance of the contribution to the art of fashion is unparalleled in many ways... read more about Haute Couture and Pret-a-Porter

Haute Couture is Dead -by Alex George
I hear the death bells ringing. This accusation has been leveled before, but never in my 15 years of reviewing Haute Couture have I seen such self-indulgent, tiresome, unimaginative fashion as we have seen with this latest unleashing for the Spring/Summer 2006 lines just this past week in France. We see the great blaze that is the funeral pyre of Haute Couture; from Lagerfeld’s cloistered insistence on the relevance of Coco Chanel to the contemporary cultural landscape to Galliano’s ridiculous attempt to overtly politicize his fashion collection more

Hair, Color, and Hairstyles

Best Hair Styles for Your Face Shape - by Mallory Flick
As fun as it is to play around with different hairstyles, it’s important to remember that not every hairstyle that looks great on a friend, co-worker or celebrity will look good on you. The shape of your face can greatly determine whether a hairstyle works for you or works against you. Step 1: Determine your face shape. First of all, you need to figure out exactly what your face shape is. There are several ways more

Three Hot Hairstyles - Alexis Helps You Decide
Thinking about updating your hair style? It can be a difficult decision to make, especially if you have been riding your current do for a few years. We all have huge debates with ourselves about what hair style to go with when we finally decide to make a change; should I go shorter, longer, new color, highlights, who should do the cut, aaahhhhh! It can feel overwhelming at times because so much of the way we feel about how we look is bound up in our hair style – and it makes sense after all your hair frames more

2006 Color Trends for Women’s Hair Part 1 - Alexis is at it Again!
This is my favorite time of year for hairstyles. It’s winter so most of us are under wraps but we are thinking of those soon-to-be warm spring days and letting our locks out for a romp. You can’t help but think about your look and style when you think to the approaching warmth and your need to unwrap. For me, thinking about hairstyles of the future and making predictions is far more exciting than the period of year-end reviews we are enduring now. read more

Hairstyles for 2006 – Dark Hair will be In for Spring, Fall and Winter(part 2)
Alexis Does Dark Hair
I’ve been looking at dark hair again and loving it. For 2006 I see deep, dark, rich browns being really exciting, especially with highlights. I’m also liking black for the first time in a couple of years. I think black goes great with pink (not in your hair silly), so if you are hitting the town in vibrant dresses think about darkening your hair to create a lovely and highly visible contrast.Coordinating Fashion and Hairstyles in more

Learning to Live With My Hair – A Tale of Tresses
Looks reflect your personality, right? No matter what you do to create a new image for yourself, your personality shines through. Well, no matter what I do I can't help but look like I spend 17.2 hours a day at MIT developing abstract theories in postmodern astronomical chemiphysics. My hair is brown and curly and frizzy and it told me: do what you want to me, but I'm not changing. Trying the Trends - Finding My Best more

When a Little Chapstick Goes a Long Way
Checking Frizzy Hair and an Instant Face Moisturizer - We’ve all been there: after some hellish journey on a train, plane, or automobile you look like you’ve just finished a session at a boot camp where make-up and hairbrushes are illegal. Since Murphy’s Law has proved its existence to all of us, you happen to notice that the best-looking man on this side of the equator more

Real Men Deserve Really Great Hair
It wasn’t until I started to find a couple of grey hairs peppering my black hair that I started to think that I might need to put a little more attention into the way that I looked. For years I had thoughtlessly gone to supercuts for the quick, cheap trim, but, in my quest to remove the gray, a friend recommended a slightly more upscale men’s hair salon where he knew a stylist who specialized in color. I was reluctant to go, but found it to more

Plastic Surgery Special:

Six Tips, Tools, and Warnings for Picking a Plastic Surgeon
by Susan Archer 1. Go Prepared
Be sure to research the type of surgery or procedure you think you would like to get. Starting from a position of knowledge will make you more comfortable during your initial consultation and will allow you to understand the doctor and ask questions more more

Hyaluronic Acid is the New Collagen - by Susan Archer
Hyaluronic acid, more popularly known by the brand names Restylane and Hylaform, is the new kid on the block when it comes to non-surgical cosmetic procedures but has quickly overtaken collagen, the old standard, and for good reason. Hyaluronic acid lasts longer, has fewer side effects, and is just as quick of a more

Botox: The Wrinkle Free Facts - by Susan Archer(e)
Everyone already knows plastic surgery is booming and the fastest growing segment of the industry is non-surgical injection procedures. The Botox procedure is one of the main factors behind this explosive growth. From 1997-2004 botox procedures grew by an astounding 4,300% from 65,000 to 2.8 million procedures annually...Are There Dangers with Botox?“Botulinum toxin has been called the ‘most poisonous poison’, and thought to be the most lethal substance known (on a per molecule or per weight basis).”...
read more about botox or Join our Botox® Blog to share your Story

Plastic Surgery Primer Part 1 - Scars, Liposuction, and Cellulite
Plastic surgery is an ever-growing field in the health and beauty world. Some of the results can be amazing and some can be horrendous. With the advent of TV shows like The Swan and Nip/Tuck we are increasingly exposed to the idea and the outcomes of cosmetic surgery and lots of us are liking what we see. The danger is that we come to have outrageous expectations and can...
read more about Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Primer Part 2 - Pain, Finding a Plasitic Surgeon, and Longevity
Now I want to move on to some of the lesser thought about but equally important hidden truths about plastic surgery. Pain; An Incremental Approach. It is going to be somewhat painful to go through the experience of plastic surgery. All procedures will have some degree of pain and some amount of recovery time; these both can vary greatly between procedures. Discomfort and recovery time are

Plastic Surgery Primer Part 3 - Insider Tips on Picking Your Plastic Surgeon
It is a little known secret in the field that surgeons often don’t do the entire procedure themselves. They always make the incision and any removals or placements, however doctors often employ a resident or fellow to sew up the incision and even nurses to check and redress the post-operative wounds. These last two are phases of the procedure you want your surgeon involved in. In plastic surgery it is usually the case that a properly healed wound is just as important as the surgery itself; obviously a badly more

Celebrity Gossip Alert!
The Unmasked Brilliance of JT Leroy
The always mysterious identity of the purportedly transgender fiction writer JT Leroy has been thrown into question of late. Most recently in a New York Times article detailing the apparent fictional identity of the writer himself…no, herself…er? The major question for readers of JT Leroy is: Are her stories the compelling motivation for reading his books or is it her story itself that really makes JT Leroy more

New Beauty Articles!

Natural Cures for Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles By Edna Grace
Do you have puffy and/or baggy eyes? Are dark circles under your eyes a constant feature of your face? Puffy eyes with dark circles are common in both men and women. If you experience baggy eyes, then you know that they can make you look old, tired and unhealthy. Is there any relief from this affliction? Yes, you can relieve puffy eyes in a variety of ways. read more about eliminating dark circles, bags, and puffiness from around the eyes

Skin Care - Botox-Phobes Should Consider Microdermabrasion
No matter how wrinkly I get, I don't think I'll ever consider botox. Of course, I say that now. It will likely be another story when I'm 50 and pruney.But there are so many great products and procedures these days that can stave off the need for botox or surgery. Case in point: Microdermabrasion...
read more Miss Janis

The Nails Experience - Not Just any French Manicure
Sleek, thin white lines elegantly painted across the tip of each nail - I think that is why I have always wanted a French manicure. Last winter, I was in a shopping mall when I noticed the sign beckoning to me - Manicures Here, No Appointment Needed...
read more

Hot Women’s Shoes for the Spring and Summer - Christian Louboutin, Diesel
Can I say enough about shoes – I don’t think so girls! Shoes are one of my favorite fashion pieces. How can you not fall in love with the piece...
These are my women’s shoe picks for the coming spring and summer
read more Monica Camel

Lipstick Tips for Perfect Lips! - Insider Advice
I consoled my friend and explained something I learned many moons ago: the perfect shade of lipstick is like the perfect pair of pants, the perfect mascara, and the perfect man. We may at times come painfully close, but we’ll never find it. It simply doesn’t exist; at least not in the...
read more Kris Ericson

!NEW! Beauty Blog Updates:

Hesitant Beauty Blog - Root Rot
Anyway, whatever you want to call it, I've got it. At this point my "virgin root" is about two inches long. It is starting to get embarrassing. And while for most things, I tend to choose natural, good-for-you products, with hair dye, I go all out. In fact I use Wella hair dye, straight from Sally's Beauty Supply. Nothing natural about...
read more

Hesitant Beauty Blog - Trials and Tribulations
I will often throw three other options into a bag to have in the car with me just so I know that I can sneak out and change at any moment. In short, I go completely bonkers. But, the sad truth is that going out in an outfit you hate, especially during a fashion crisis, is equivalent to going out in public...
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