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10 Dating Tips for High-Tech Guys


by James Akron: age 32

I’ve been a ‘techie’ my whole life and when it came to getting dates with the ladies I used to struggle. From 13 (when I first got really interested in girls) through age 22 I was mostly striking out. Even though I’m not ugly, or a hermit, or too smelly, or broke; I had trouble getting dates. About the age of 22 I started really seeing what my successful peers were doing differently than me – I had been violating the most basic tenets of dating for years!

Over the past 10 years I’ve turned that trend around and now have the dating life I’ve always wanted: confident, exciting, and intimate.

Here I’ve distilled the Top Ten Dating Tips for High-Tech Guys. Take this advice to heart, learn from my mistakes and score yourself a great woman or two.

1. Play to your strengths.

For instance if a woman is not all that tech inclined you can still show her cool stuff that almost anybody can relate to. Think Google Earth, almost everybody can relate to GoogleEarth.
(hint: just don’t focus too much on what you think is great about it, help her use it and find out what she’s interested in)

2. Let Her Know You're a Winner

Find a slick way to point out that your career opportunities are ever expanding while most of your non-nerd peers are seeing shrinking job markets, lower earnings, or both.

3. Keep Your Head Out of the Office

Stay away from “Tech Talk”. Whether it’s Java, SEO, VB, C++, involves a proprietary algorithm, or is expressed in gigs, megs, bytes, bits, binary, flops, xhtml, etc. she’s not gonna appreciate it. What’s more, you will start to sound weird.

4. Get Personal

Do talk about your family, your pets, your outdoors passions, even your first love and first kiss. This is the real gold you have to offer.

5. Communication is Key

Mostly just ask easy questions and listen. This means no big open-enders like “how’s your day going” or “what’s your passion”. Save these for 3am or better yet let her ask. Instead follow this easy pattern for a sure save:

You: “where do you work?”

Beautiful Woman: “Xer7s sifj ehusi m3oi9au?!” (confusion sets in as her luscious lips begin moving, causing a massive hormone overload)

You: “oh, Really. How do you like it?”

Beautiful Woman: “ A polsx atom, so it’s x pretty fun…”(you come back to your senses and you’re off and running!)

6. Flowers, Flowers, Flowers

Don’t forget – Girls Like Flowers – Even on the first date, especially on the first date. If you forget to get buy flowers before you get there pick them from a yard or a window nearby – they love this. (note: see rule #9)

7. What Gets More Dates Than a Maserati?

Having balls is way better than a Maserati when it comes to getting dates (or winning a race for that matter). If you ask they will come. If you want a date with a woman just ask, and if you get rejected – so what, are you really that fragile? Getting turned down can be rewarding in itself, I always find I learn a little about myself with each rejection and I’ve actually made a couple of good friends while getting turned down.

8. Are You Eccentric or Concentric: Know Your Type

If you really only care about esoteric problems of quantum mechanics and theoretical processing problems then you’re already a lost cause. (Hint: Find yourself an eccentric tech gurl and you’ll be set. Just remember #7, you always need #7)

9. Breaking the Rules Gets the Dating Juices Flowing

Breaking rules is inherently fun and gets you major points in the layability category. Nothing illegal here mind you, violate a couple minor social norms for a definite home run.
Ex 1: Kiss her on the cheek the first time you meet for drinks, coffee, or dinner. She’ll respect you for a reserved forwardness.
Ex 2: Go ask that dipshot on the cell phone to take it outside so you can enjoy your date.
Ex 3: The flower thing from #6

10. Making Conversation Genuine Makes Jane Happy

If you get stuck for conversation don’t sweat it. If you get all flustered you’re gonna dork out on this hottie. Keep it together Man! Let the silence ride for a few moments watching her the whole time, after 15 or 20 seconds of drinking her in, tell her the first thing that pops into your head.

Hopefully you’re thinking about how pretty she is.

If you can’t stop thinking about tweaking your css file you’re probably already sunk – so just go with it and see how she reacts – you might find more in common than you think.

That’s it; ten simple tips for quickly and easily activating your dating life tailored for all us high-tech studs.

Oh, I almost forgot the secret 11th dating rule for success (in three parts) – 1. Know your league 2. Always aim above your league (‘cause nobody is really out of your league) 3. Always accept someone in your own league (especially if she asks you, you’ve got to honor rule #7)