A Guide to Slimming Fashion - Making Your Arms, Buttocks, Thighs, Hips and Stomach look thinner with the clothes you wear
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Look Thinner With Slimming Fashions


By Nancy Stein

Everyone knows that diet and exercise can really help you look thinner and feel better. But did you know that you can also “lose” pounds in seconds by wearing slimming clothing? Yes, making the right fashion selections can make you look taller, thinner and sexier. Here are some great tips on how to dress slimmer:

General Slimming Fashion Rules

Wear Black

Wearing black and other dark colors can do a lot to make you look slimmer. Bumps and bulges are well hidden in dark colored clothing.

All One Color

Wearing the same color or a very similar color on both the top and bottom will make you look taller. You are creating a long line of color for the eye to see. If you wear very different colors on the top and bottom, it can make you appear clunky, short and wide.

It’s Not the Size, It’s the Fit

Too often, people get attached to what size they wear. It’s important to understand that each manufacturer sizes their clothes differently. One brand may have you wearing a size 8 where another may have you wearing a size 10. Obsessing over fitting into a particular size will not serve you in the end. It’s much more important to find the size that fits you well. You want to find clothes that fit comfortably, are not too clingy or too baggy. Trust me, no one else cares what number it says on the tag!

Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose

Clothes that are too tight can accentuate bulges, bumps or rolls of fat, actually making you look bigger than you are. If you have flab and think you’re hiding it by squeezing your body into tight clothes, remember this- if you push the fat out of one area, it’s just going to bunch and bulge out of the nearest place it can. It’s best to find clothes that are form fitting, but not too small or clingy. Fabrics that are by nature very clingy should be avoided, except on body parts that you feel very confident about showcasing. Clingy fabrics emphasize the body parts they cling to, sometimes increasing the appearance of any flaws. For a more forgiving and still very flattering look, seek out thicker, sturdier or looser, more flowing fabrics. Stay away from the spandex.

Fashions that are too loose can hide the shape of your body, making you look frumpy and possibly larger than you are. Most people wear oversized clothes because they think it masks the body parts they are uncomfortable with, but often, the baggy look calls more attention to what they are hiding than if they were to wear clothes that fit well.

Fashions That Slim Certain Body Parts

Slim The Stomach

Almost all women have at least a little extra fat around their lower bellies, (women are just designed to store fat there), some more than others. When trying to lose weight, the “pooch” on the lower belly is usually the hardest to get rid of. This is no reason, of course, to accept your flaws and let them all hang out. If you want to hide your pooch, the key is to draw attention away from that area. Tops with lower hemlines and/or lower necklines and bottoms with well-fitting smooth waistlines are just a few of the great tips below on how to slim down the belly area.

DO Wear This:

1. Fabric that will flow gracefully over the area rather than cling to it.
2. Tops or dresses with empire lines can draw the attention towards the bust and away from the belly. Be careful, though, of how wide the garment flares. Too much flare on an empire or baby doll dress or top can make you look wider and possibly pregnant.
3. Wear pants and trousers that are the right fit for you. Remember not to get caught up on what size you “should” be wearing. Stick with what feels comfortable and looks good.
4. Slacks or trousers that zip on the side and are flat in the front create a wonderful illusion of a slimmer, smaller stomach.


DON’T Wear This:

1. Clothes that have tight waistlines – the tightness will cause a large flesh bulge right over the top (or under if it’s a top) of the garment- not flattering.
2. Dresses or tops made of clingy, stretchy fabrics. They will emphasize the areas you are attempting to diminish.
3. Tops so tight that they will ride up the body, or tops too small to cover the stomach- both will end up revealing the stomach you are trying to hide.
4. Waists that are gathered and elasticized, especially when they land high on the body should be dutifully avoided. They add bulk and thickness to the stomach area.

Slim The Buttocks

Even though many people have spoken (and sung) of the merits of a full behind, many women remain uncomfortable with their large buttocks. If you are trying to make your butt look smaller, the key is to avoid any bulky excess fabric around the buttocks and to balance out the shape of the behind with flares of fabric lower on the body. Here are some great tips on how to create an illusion of a smaller behind.

DO Wear This:

1. Fabric that will flow gracefully over the area rather than cling to it.
2. Skirts that are form fitting around the behind and flare out at the bottom. This creates a very flattering hourglass shape.
3. Pants and jeans that are form fitting with slight flare from the knee down help to balance out the size of your behind.
4. Pants or skirts that are well tailored, form-fitted and side fastening with a waistline that falls at about the hips will minimize the look of the buttocks.
5. Jeans that have cargo pockets with flaps or at least pockets that are a nice size proportionate to your butt. You also want the pockets to sit low to create the illusion that your butt is higher.
6. Jackets that are long and form fitting.

DON’T Wear This:

1. Dresses that are too tight as this will accentuate the size and shape of your behind.
2. Skirts that are full length and bias cut.
3. Skirts, pants or dresses with large prints or designs on them.
4. Pants that taper at the leg just accentuate the width of your behind and make your legs look like toothpicks.
5. Pants that have high waists. The higher the waistline, the bigger your bottom looks, because it extends the buttocks upward.
6. Jeans with back pockets that are too small.
7. Jackets that stop just short of the buttocks- this prominently showcases, rather than hides your behind.
8. Jackets that lack shape or definition.

Slim The Hips & Thighs

People often feel that hips and thighs are the most stubborn places to lose weight. The trick to making them appear smaller is outfits that don’t have a lot of fabric or hemlines right at the widest points of the hips. Long tops, sweaters or coats are a great choice. Here are some great tips on how to create an illusion of slimmer hips and thighs.

DO Wear This:

1. Long coats with larger lapels will draw attention away from the hip and thigh area, making it appear smaller.
2. Tops that fit well just below the hips will make you look longer and slimmer and will draw attention away from the hips.
3. Dark colors, especially on both top and bottom will make you appear taller and slimmer.

DON’T Wear This:

1. Jackets that end at the hip’s widest point. This will draw the eye out further beyond your hips, adding to perceived width.
2. Jackets that are too tight, as this will just accentuate the thighs.
3. Pants that taper at the lower leg will emphasize your hips and thighs even more and make you look like very triangular- not at all flattering.

Slim The Arms

If you feel self-conscious about your arms looking too fat or flabby, you are not alone. Many women experience this as they get older and their skin loses its elasticity, the skin can start to droop on the arms even if the arm muscles underneath the skin are well toned. The key to achieving the look of slimmer arms is to keep them covered with some type of sleeve, making sure not to cinch them with elastics or ties. Here are some great tips on how to create an illusion of thinner, more toned arms:

DO Wear This:

1. Tops with a sleeve of some kind.
2. Thinner, sheerer fabrics that can flow over the arms, rather than cling to them.
3. Tops with ¾ length are nice because they mask the upper arms, but still display the wrist in a very flattering way.

DON’T Wear This:

1. Sleeveless vests.
2. Capped sleeves.
3. Tops that have elasticized puffy sleeves will make a tight ring around the arms, accentuating any flabbiness.

Focus On Your Assets!

Above all else, the most important thing to remember when trying to look slimmer with what you wear is to focus on your assets. If you are self-conscious about your flabby arms, but have great legs, wear a long sleeve top and a short, sexy miniskirt. If you’re worried about a little extra padding on your belly, but have voluptuous cleavage, find a nice dark colored top that lands below the hips and has a plunging neckline. Everyone has a body part or two that they can show off. Know your limitations and your strengths and use those to create your very own slimming, sexy and sophisticated wardrobe!